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I held english korean computer and music classes for

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Unformatted text preview: teer trip to the Philippines, therefore, would simply be another fun community service opportunity. But it turns out the kind of poverty over there needs much more than a few meals, some money, and several hours of service. Don’t get me wrong, those are still important. In fact, other volunteers and I spent most of our time preparing over 600 meals to distribute to the needy throughout Manila. I held English, Korean, computer, and music classes for the children living out in the streets. We had street clean-ups and charity funds. But some of the more valuable contributions I made include organizing a talent show for street children, visiting families living in the dumpsters, and building Christmas toys for village children. These projects were aimed at boosting the morale of those suffering in poverty. Disappointingly, people in poverty have a tendency to accept the status quo because it is the status quo....
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