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I organized a talent show for the street children and

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Unformatted text preview: fundraiser. Other volunteers and I prepared over 600 meals and distributed them to the needy throughout the city. We built Christmas toys for the village children. I held English, Korean, computer, and music classes for the children living out in the streets. I organized a talent show for the street children and visited families living in the village dumpster. And from this direct interaction, I became more immersed in the problem than I was before. Through this involvement, I learned more about the problem of poverty. Disappointingly, I found most of those living in poverty to have a tendency to accept the status quo. They didn’t feel that the gross gap between the rich and the poor was unjust; it was just the way things were. Many people pointed to their surroundings and their lack of skill as proof that their poor living conditions were correct. These people thought the mere existence of the problem justified its continuance. Most people I have talked to thought it made sense for them to have such little opportunities. Bu...
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