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So while they allow their children to become educated

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Unformatted text preview: t it doesn’t make sense. Our volunteer group worked hard so that the poor would see people who cared for them and were willing to help them instead of the trash mountains, malnourished children, and rotten food. What most of the poor need is an investment in human capital, which takes time and money. So while they allow their children to become educated and start living not day-by-day but for the future, the poor need something to help sustain them in the meanwhile. Long-run self-sustainment is good, but when they having nothing—not even hope— success is nearly impossible. It’s not fair to ask them to uplift themselves from the way bottom without giving them a boost. And that was our job. NUMBER TWO I thought I knew poverty pretty well. I mean, I had helped low income families get food on their tables. I was part of a research group on poverty and climate change. I sponsor a child in the Philippines. I even organized projects designed to help alleviate poverty. The volun...
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