Name is a string without spaces price is a real

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Unformatted text preview: se price, tax (as applicable) and shipping cost for each item. Model Details: Every purchase item (base- class) bought has a name, price, quantity and weight attributes associated with it. Name is a string without spaces; price is a real number in dollars and cents; quantity is a non- negative whole number; weight is in whole pounds. Here are the Standard Pricing Rules for all purchased items: 1) Sales tax rate is 10% for clothing and electronics (with the exception of the below mentioned states). 2) Standard shipping cost is calculated by the following formula1: (20*(weight))*quantity. 3) Premium shipping incurs an additional charge of 20% over the standard shipping cost. 4) Assume that each item is shipped separately; i.e. don’t combine grocery item A and grocery item B into a single package or with clothing item C. You will need a driver class (that contains main) to process the transactions and summarize the shopping cart contents when there are no more transactions to process. 1 Arbitrarily chosen formula for simplicity of...
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