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The states2 of tx nm va az ak have no sales tax

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Unformatted text preview: programming. You will need to create derived subclasses for groceries, electronics and clothing from the purchase items base- class. Here are the special rules for those subclasses. • • • Groceries: Groceries are further classified as perishable or non- perishable. Perishable groceries require premium shipping. (Hint: Your derived class for groceries could have a field to indicate whether it is perishable or not.) Further, groceries incur no sales tax. Electronics: Electronics are taxed differently, based on the state to which they are delivered. The states2 of TX, NM, VA, AZ, AK have no sales tax. Further, electronics may be fragile or non- fragile. Fragile electronics require premium shipping. Clothing: Standard rules apply. Premium shipping is not available. Input and Output Requirements For a shopping cart, a series of transactions are input from a given file. The input file name will be transactions.txt. The general format of a transaction is: <operation> <category> <name> <price> <quantity> <weight> <optional field1> <optional field2> Each transaction will be on a separate line in the fil...
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