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Enter guess kkkk invalid guess what is your next guess

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Unformatted text preview: e guessed exactly correct (color and position) in your guess. For each peg in the guess that is the correct color, but is out of position, you get a white peg. For each peg, which is fully incorrect, you get no feedback. Only the first letter of the color is displayed. B for Blue, R for Red, and so forth. When entering guesses you only need to enter the first character of each color as a capital letter. You have 12 guesses to figure out the secret code or you lose the game. Are you ready to play? (Y/N): Y Generating secret code .... (for this example the secret code is YRBY) You have 12 guesses left. What is your next guess? Type in the characters for your guess and press enter. Enter guess: OOOO OOOO - > Result: No pegs You have 11 guesses left. What is your next...
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