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For example in mastermind there is a game board pegs

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Unformatted text preview: Enter guess: YRBY YRBY - > Result: 4 black pegs – You win !! Are you ready for another game (Y/N): N Part of the assignment grade will be determined by how easily your program could be altered to allow a different maximum number of guesses, or a different number of pegs in the code and how easily new colors could be added, assuming they start with a different letter than other existing colors. (Up to 10) For example how easily would it be to change the code to have 5 pegs and allow pegs to be the color Maroon? One of the criteria of the assignment is to break the problem up into smaller classes even if you think the problem could be solved more easily with ONE BIG CLASS. For this assignment you should have more than 1 class....
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