Chapter 03 - Boolean Algebra II-2x2(1)

3 reduce both sides of the equation independently to

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Unformatted text preview: and evaluate both sides of the equation for all combinations of values of the variables. (This method is rather tedious if the number of variables is large, and it certainly is not very elegant.) 2. Manipulate one side of the equation by applying various theorems until it is identical with the other side. 3. Reduce both sides of the equation independently to the same expression. 4. It is permissible to perform the same operation on both sides of the equation provided that the operation is reversible. For example, it is all right to complement both sides of the equation, but it is not permissible to multiply both sides of the equation by the same expression. (Multiplication is not reversible because division is not defined for Boolean algebra.) Similarly, it is not permi...
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