Chapter 03 - Boolean Algebra II-2x2(1)

Wx xy xz wyz add wz by consensus theorem wx xy

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Unformatted text preview: erms. Redundant terms can be introduced in several ways such as adding xx′, multiplying by (x + x′), adding yz to xy + x′z, or adding xy to x. When possible, the added terms should be chosen so that they will combine with or eliminate other terms. WX + XY + X′Z′ + WY′Z′ (add WZ′ by consensus theorem) = WX + XY + X′Z′ + WY′Z′ + WZ′ (eliminate WY′Z′) = WX + XY + X′Z′ + WZ′ (eliminate WZ′) = WX + XY + X′Z′ (3-27) Example (3-28), p 69-70 Proving Validity of an Equation Often we will need to determine if an equation is valid for all combinations of values of the variables. Several methods can be used to determine if an equation is valid: 1. Construct a truth table...
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