Chapter 03 - Boolean Algebra II-2x2(1)

When using method 2 or 3 above to prove that an

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Unformatted text preview: ssible to add the same term to both sides of the equation because subtraction is not defined for Boolean algebra. Section 3.5 (p 70) To prove that an equation is not valid, it is sufficient to show one combination of values of the variables for which the two sides of the equation have different values. When using method 2 or 3 above to prove that an equation is valid, a useful strategy is to 1. First reduce both sides to a sum of products (or a product of sums). 2. Compare the two sides of the equation to see how they differ. 3. Then try to add terms to one side of the equation that are present on the other side. 4. Finally try to eliminate terms from one side that are not present on the other. Example: Show that A'BD' + BCD + ABC' + AB'D = BC'D' + AD + A'BC Solution: Starting with the left side, Whatever method is used, frequentl...
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