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Chap1 - Course Information Instructor Beth Johnson...

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1 Statistics 110 Section 1 M/W/F 8:00-8:50 Section 2 M/W/F 9:05 – 9:55 Course Information Instructor: Beth Johnson Office: LeConte 215B Email: [email protected] Textbook : Statistics: Concepts and Controversies by David Moore 6 th edition Requirements Access to a computer with the internet Basic scientific calculator I- Clicker Personal Response System You must bring the clicker to every class because this is how attendance will be taken along with daily quizzes. Please!!! Turn off all cell phones, pagers, or anything that BEEPS!! HELP!! E-mail me with any class questions Office Hours: M/W 10:30-12:00 Tuesday 12:00-2:00 Friday 10:00-11:00 Stat Help Lab: LeConte 105 Times TBA Register with DoStat Your homework and all notes with will posted on DoStat. Below are the steps to register. 1) Go to www.vip.sc.edu 2) Login to your VIP account 3) In the technology category look up your Network User Name
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2 DoStat 4) This user name will be your login to DoStat (if your name is already taken, add S110 to the end of your name 5) Go to www.dostat.com 6) Click on sign up now and enter information 7) Course reference number DS2-____ Graded Assignments Exams: Three in-class exams (56%) ( 18% each) Homework and In-Class Quizzes (20%): There will be daily quizzes using your clickers Final Exam (26%): One comprehensive final exam Homework and Notes Your first homework assignment will be posted next week. I will announce the dates on Monday. You may work on the assignment until the closing date posted. Notes will also be posted. Please check DoStat often for updates.
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