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Unformatted text preview: CODE - 0- 2084 10710 PHYS 0110 Introduction 1 Midterm Exam 1 Name: 5 pt Which of the following equations must be incorrect by dimensional analysis? ( x = distance, v = velocity, a = acceleration, t = time, m = mass, F = force) 1 . A circlecopyrt F/m = v/t B circlecopyrt 2 F = mv 2 /x C circlecopyrt 2 x/t = at D circlecopyrt v 2 t 2 = x/a E circlecopyrt v 2 / ( t 2 a 2 ) = cos 1) D false false false true false 5 pt A man with mass m =97.5 kg (weight = 214.5 lbs is walking towards a patio at 1.60 m/s (3.58 mph) when, at the last moment, he realizes the sliding glass door is closed. He puts out his hand suddenly to stop himself, and comes to a halt in 160.0ms. Find the magnitude of the average force exerted on the door by his hand. (in N ) 2 . A circlecopyrt 8 . 63 10 2 B circlecopyrt 9 . 75 10 2 C circlecopyrt 1 . 10 10 3 D circlecopyrt 1 . 24 10 3 E circlecopyrt 1 . 41 10 3 2) B 9.75E+02 [955.5,994.5] Sig 3 - 5 Unit: N 5 pt Due never Vector A points in the y-direction and has length 13. Vector B points with = 44 o from the x-axis and has length 11. Find the direction (in de- grees relative to the x-axis) of the sum of these two vectors. 3 . A circlecopyrt 69.026 B circlecopyrt 80.760 C circlecopyrt 94.490 D circlecopyrt 110.553 E circlecopyrt 129.347 3) A 69.026 [67.6453558198859,70.4063907513098] 5 pt A tennis ball is lobbed over the net. Ignore air resis- tance. Which of the following is true during the flight? 4 . A circlecopyrt The acceleration is positive as the ball rises, and it is negative as the ball falls. B circlecopyrt The ball has a constant acceleration. C circlecopyrt The acceleration is zero m/s 2 at all times. D circlecopyrt The acceleration starts at 9.8 m/s 2 and drops to some constant lower value as the ball approaches the ground. E circlecopyrt At no time is the velocity perpendicular to the ac- celeration. 4) B false true false false false 5 pt A dolphin leaps out of the water at an angle of 32.8 above the horizontal. The horizontal component of the dolphins velocity is 7.36 m/s. Calculate the magnitude of the vertical component of the velocity. (in m/s ) 5 . A circlecopyrt 2.43 B circlecopyrt 3.04 C circlecopyrt 3.79 D circlecopyrt 4.74 E circlecopyrt 5.93 5) D 4.74 [4.64833240207051,4.83806025521625] Sig 3 - 5 pt A person throws a stone horizontally off a 100 m cliff with a speed of 25 m/s. At the same time, a second stone is dropped from rest off the same cliff. Ignore air resistance. Which of the following statements are true? I. Both stones travel the same horizontal distance. II. Both stones strike the water with equal velocity. III. Both stones reach the water in the same amount of time. 6 . A circlecopyrt statement III B circlecopyrt statements I and II C circlecopyrt statements II and III D circlecopyrt none of them are correct E circlecopyrt they are all correct 6) A true false false false false 5 pt A car travels due east at 22 m/s. It makes a turn due south and continues to travel at 22 m/s. What is the changesouth and continues to travel at 22 m/s....
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MidtermExam1-AllCodes-Answers - CODE - 0- 2084 10710 PHYS...

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