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A lie subalgebra of glv is called a linear lie

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Unformatted text preview: or space over F . We define gl(V ) to be the Lie algebra of all F -linear endomorphisms of V under the Lie bracket operation. A Lie subalgebra of gl(V ) is called a linear Lie algebra. Definition 1.2.3. A representation of the Lie algebra L is defined to be a Lie algebra homomorphism L → gl(V ) for some vector space V . The representation is called faithful if this homomorphism is injective: L ￿→ gl(V ). 1.2.1. linear Lie algebras. There is a well-known theorem (due to Ado in characteristic 0 and Iwasawa in characteristic p) what every finite dimensional Lie algebra has a faithful finite dimensional representation. I.e., it is isomorphic to a linear Lie algebra...
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