Please dont do it i have followed the above

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Unformatted text preview: on. Please don't do it. I have followed the above guidelines: Name: ___________________________ Date: ____________________ Signature: _____________________________ Problem 1 Dichlorosilane SiH2 Cl2 can decompose by two competing elementary reactions that are both pressure dependent Step I : Step II : SiH2 Cl2 SiH2 Cl2 SiHCl HCl SiCl2 H2 These steps are occur be the formation of an activated species SiH2 Cl2 that is formed by the collision with another molecule M (such as an inert species). This is represented by the following reversible mechanism Kinetic Step I : SiH2 Cl2 M k1 k 1 SiH2 Cl2 M The activated species then reacts as follows Kinetic Step II : SiH2 Cl2 k2 SiHCl HCl SiCl2 H2 Kinetic Step III : SiH2 Cl2 k3 (i) Derive rate expressions for the two kinetic steps (II & III) above in terms of measurable concentrations. Y...
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