Is this assumption sensible if the reaction

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Unformatted text preview: if the reaction intermediates NO 2 and H2 O2 are short lived? (ii) Confirm your conclusion in (i) by doing a numerical simulation of the reactor by using the following values for the rates constants k1 k2 k3 k4 1, and C0 A C0 C 2 You may assume all units (not shown) are consistent. Note by taking the rate constants to all be the same magnitude, the assumption is that the reaction steps are equally fast. Integrate the equations out to 5 time units. (iii) Repeat the calculations in (ii) but now take k1 k2 k3 k4 1, and C0 A Explain your results. (iv) Repeat the calculations in (ii) but now take 2, C0 C 10 2 ECH256HW4_2014.nb k1 k2 k3 1, k4 50, and C0 A 2, C0 C 10 (v) Now suppose that k1 and k2 are large relative to the k3 . This is equivalent to saying that we have “ local equilibrium”for Step I and step II, and since k3 k4 , k2 or k1 , then Step III is the rate determining step. Integrate the equations out to 10 time units. (vi) Plot the rate of production of species A, RA from (v) on a log-linear plot from t=0 to t=10. (vii) Fit the curve from t=2-10 to a function...
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