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Vii fit the curve from t2 10 to a function ra m cn cc

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Unformatted text preview: RA m Α Cn CC A Find values for the parameters Α, m, and n. How do these values compare with the theoretical predictions? Problem 2 The first-order gas phase reaction k A B, k k0 Exp EA RT is carried out in a tubular reactor. The design requirement for the reactor is 90 % conversion of species A. Product B is known to degrade if the temperature in the reactor exceeds 500 K. There is some concern whether it is possible to operate the reactor adiabatically and not have any degradation of the product B. (i) Is it possible to operate the reactor adiabatically and not exceed T 500 K ? The inlet flow is pure A, inlet temperature is 300 K, inlet pressure is 10 atm, NA0 = 2 kmol/hr, molecular weight of species A is A = 50 kg/kmol, Cp = 3.09 kJ/kg· K, HRxn = -41, 900 kJ/kmol, EA = 37, 700 kJ/kmol, and k0 = 3.27 106 1/hr. You may assume constant thermal properties and ideal gas behavior. (ii) If adiabatic operation is not possible, assume you have a heating/cooling system available to help reach the desired conversion. Your design should include two reactors in series, operating the first adiabatically to 500 K, and the second isothermally in order to obtain the desired conversion. What is the outlet conversion from the adiabatic reactor, and what are the reactor volumes required for each reactor?...
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