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Unformatted text preview: to measure ozone from the ground. The Dobson spectrometer measures the intensity of solar UV radia=on. Chapman Cycle (1888- 1970) Sydney Chapman was a Bri=sh mathema=cian and geophysicist. Her worked on the kine=c theory of gases and on ozone chemistry, among other things. In 1930 Sydney Chapman, published a series of papers on the chemistry of ozone in the upper atmosphere, now known as the Chapman Cycle. Chapman Cycle: Forma7on Step Above about 30 km al=tude, molecular oxygen absorbs solar radia=on (wavelength < 242 nm) and photo- dissociates: O 2 + h ⌫ ! 2O ⇤ (⌫ < 242nm) The oxygen atom, O, reacts rapidly with O2 in the presence of a third body, denoted M (M is usually another O2 or N2), to form ozone: O ⇤ + O2 + M ! O3 + M Ozone Air mole...
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