Growing antarc7c hole for each october from 1979 1984

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Unformatted text preview: troposphere, about 6 miles up. The ice crystals that form Nacreous Clouds in the stratosphere are pushed up by wave winds near the poles They are seen in the winter months as the sun sets or rises. The iridescent colors are due to ice crystals of a uniform size and shape and because the clouds are thin, len=cular in shape How Nacreous Clouds affect the Ozone Layer •  Polar stratospheric clouds provide a surface for the chlorine and bromine in the CFC's to react into an ac=ve form, even if the forms of chlorine compounds are benign. –  This reac=on makes the chlorine become destruc=ve to the ozone layer. –  Simultaneously, the ice crystals also remove nitrogen which helps slow and moderate the damaging chlorine and bromine. Growing Antarc7c Hole for each October from 1979- 1984 ( from [email protected]:// Ozone Hole Development ([email protected]:// June July Janua...
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