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Unformatted text preview: rea A, and compress it into a slab at 00C and I atm. The thickness of the slab Is measured in DU. (From :h@p:// How to Measure Ozone Concentra7on cont. Dobson Units (DU) •  A DU is a measure of gas thickness –  It represents the amount of ozone in a column of the atmosphere •  1 DU=0.01 mm thickness at STP (0oC, 1 atm) –  Volume of gas =DU*Area. Given volume can solve for number of moles. •  Example: if DU=290 which is equal to 2.9mm. Thus the number of moles of ozone over 1 square meter of land is approximately=0.129 mol (using ideal gas law) The unit is named aper G.M. B. Dobson, one of the first scien=sts to inves=gate atmospheric ozone . He designed the 'Dobson ozone spectrophotometer' - the standard instrument used...
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