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Unformatted text preview: // Diagrams of the Antarc7c Vortex Polar front Antarc7c Zone Hole •  The Antarc=c land mass is completely surrounded by ocean •  The Antarc=c has a large stable polar vortex that isolates the air inside it. •  Thus stratospheric temperatures are the coldest on the planet, about 170K or less •  Similar condi=ons do not exist over the north pole, where the vortex is less stable and there is more mixing with warm air outside the Arc=c Circle. Simula7on of the Arc7c Vortex Note unlike the Antarc=c vortex , the Arc=c vortex is unstable Nacreous Clouds Polar Stratospheric Clouds Clouds shimmer with color –like a sea shell hence their nickname: “Mother of Pearl Clouds” They form in the stratosphere, between 10 and 30 miles up. Note every day weather clouds occur in the...
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