The earths atmosphere absorbs uvc wavelengths health

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Unformatted text preview: ry December The ozone hole begins to develop in June, peaks in August, and closes again by November. Ozone Hole History 1979- 1912 Ozone Chemistry Where is the ozone? The majority of the ozone is in the stratosphere Ozone Chemistry cont. ozone absorption Ozone Absorp7on: Absorp=on of UV photon results in Photo- dissocia=on of ozone molecules 250 300 wave length (nm) O 3 + h⌫ ! O 2 + O ⇤ The UV photon is blocked from Reaching the earth’s surface Some Proper=es of UV radia=on •  •  •  •  High energy radia=on Can promote bond dissocia=on and photochemical reac=ons Harmful to biological organism Causes skin cancer and eye damage More Facts about UV Radia7on Energy from the sun reaches the earth as visible, infrared, and ultraviolet rays . The spectrum is comprised...
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