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98 002 x c c 225 where kx shape factor cx perimeter

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Unformatted text preview: the non-circular extruded section Co = perimeter of a circle that has the same crosssectional area as the extruded section. For direct extrusion, the extrusion force 2L x + p = K xY f Do Impact Extrusion Impact extrusion is performed at higher speeds and shorter strokes than conventional extrusion. It is for making discrete parts. For making thin wall-thickness items by permitting large deformation at high speed. Impact Extrusion Figure 15.14 Schematic illustration of the impact-extrusion process. The extruded parts are stripped by the use of a stripper plate, because they tend to stick to the punch. Impact Extrusion Forward backward combination Examples of Cold Extrusion Figure 15.11 Two examples of cold extrusion. Thin arrows indicate the direction of metal flow during extrusion. Examples of Impact Extrusion Figure 15.15 (a) Two examples of products made by impact extrusion. (b) and (c) Impact extrusion of a collapsible tube by the Hooker process. Cold Extruded Spark Plug Figure 15.12 Production steps for a cold extruded spark plug...
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