Cold extruded spark plug figure 1512 production steps

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Unformatted text preview: . Figure 15.13 A cross-section of the metal part in Fig. 15.12, showing the grain flow pattern. Factors Influencing the Forces Friction Material Properties Reduction In Area Speed Temperature Geometry Of The Die WIRE DRAWING WIRE DRAWING WIRE DRAWING WIRE DRAWING Process Variables in Wire Drawing Figure 15.18 Process variables in wire drawing. The die angle, the reduction in cross-sectional area per pass, the speed of drawing, the temperature, and the lubrication all affect the drawing force, F. Draw Dies Approach angle about 6 to 20 Back relief angle about 30 Die for Round Drawing Figure 15.20 Terminology of a typical die used for drawing round rod or wire. Figure 15.21 Tungsten- carbide die insert in a steel casing. Diamond dies, used in drawing thin wire, are encased in a similar manner. Die Materials Overview Tungsten Carbide: Lowest cost, shock resistance, ease of production, large sizes available. Lower life expectancy. Natural Diamonds: Wear resistance, gives excellent wire surface, high thermal conducti...
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