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Unformatted text preview: Cold Drawing Figure 15.23 Cold drawing of an extruded channel on a draw bench, to reduce its cross-section. Individual lengths of straight rod or of cross-sections are drawn by this method. Source: Courtesy of The Babcock and Wilcox Company, Tubular Products Division. Multistage Wire-Drawing Figure 15.24 Two views of a multistage wire-drawing machine that is typically used in the making of copper wire for electrical wiring. Source: H. Auerswald. Roll Straightening Figure 15.22 Schematic illustration of roll straightening of a drawn round rod (see also Fig. 13.7). Wire and Bar Drawing Reducing the cross section of a bar, rod or wire by pulling it through a die. Bar drawing is generally in a batch mode while the wire drawing is in general in a continuous mode. pd Stresses and drawing pressure variation in deformation zone. Drawing die angle Drawing die (deformation zone) 2 3 Ao Af pd 1 = ln(Ao/Af) Effective strain variation in deformation zone. Fig. 5.2 Stress and strain development in wire and rod drawing process pd=K/(n+1) n+1 = K n Fig. 5.4 Stresses and drawing pressure for maximum r...
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