Lower extrusion force as the work billet metal is not

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Unformatted text preview: force as the work billet metal is not moving relative to the container wall. Hydrostatic Extrusion Hydrostatic Extrusion Using hydrostatic system to reduce the friction and lower the power requirement. Sealing is the major problem. Ram Force Variation of Ram Force with ram stroke and die angle. Lateral Extrusion Extrusion-Die Configurations (a) (c) (b) Figure 15.8 Typical extrusion-die configurations: (a) die for nonferrous metals; (b) die for ferrous metals; (c) die for T-shaped extrusion, made of hot-work die steel and used with molten glass as a lubricant. Hydraulic-Extrusion Press Figure 15.17 General view of a 9-MN (1000-ton) hydraulic-extrusion press. Extrusion Equipment EXTRUSION EXTRUSION Cross-Sections to be Extruded Figure 15.10 Poor and good examples of crosssections to be extruded. Note the importance of eliminating sharp corners and of keeping section thicknesses uniform. Source: J. G. Bralla (ed.); Handbook of Product Design for Manufacturing. New York: McGraw-Hill Publishin...
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