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Lower life expectancy natural diamonds wear resistance

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Unformatted text preview: vity, longer life expectancy Susceptible to fractures from shock or wear, limited availability in required high quality and quantity, constantly escalating price. Synthetic Single Crystal: Consistently uniform material, gives excellent wire surface, high thermal conductivity, predictable wear schedule, uniform wear pattern gives longer life expectancy. Larger size ranges are still costly at this time. Polycrystalline Diamond: Excels in life expectancy, wear resistance of diamond, shock resistance of carbide, high availability, cost effectiveness Higher drawing force, smaller fines requires more filtration, may be damaged by temperatures above 700C, wire surface condition less than from natural diamond. Examples of Tube-Drawing Operations Figure 15.19 Examples of tube-drawing operations, with and without an internal mandrel. Note that a variety of diameters and wall thicknesses can be produced from the same initial tube stock (which has been made by other processes). Drawing Equipment Good dimensional control Good surface finish Improved mechanical properties economic for mass production...
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