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S5 5basicjoints 5basicjoints name suture interlocking

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Unformatted text preview: ugh connective tissue that connect bone to bone and prevent the joint from moving in the wrong direction. (Legos connect only to other Legos ) ► L to L­ Lego to Lego, ► B to B­ Bone to Bone ► Tendons ► attach muscle to bone. S5 5 Basic Joints 5 Basic Joints Name Suture (interlocking) Pivot joint Movable or Immovable Immovable Type of Movement None Example Movable Bones of the Cranium Cranium to Neck Ball and Socket Joint Movable Shoulder Hinge Joint Movable Hips Elbow Knee Gliding Joint Movable Ankle,wrist Ribs Ma...
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