believing something is there that isnt relationship

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Unformatted text preview: located within the frontal lobe that provides the highest level of command to the motor systems" motor homunculus,"areas of the body requiring fine motor control have more than their fair share of cortical neurons. large amounts of space in the human primary cortex are devoted to control of the hands, face, lips, jaw, and tongue, whereas relatively little space is given to the torso, arms, legs" myotomes,"each muscle in the body is supplied by a particular level or segment of the spinal cord and by its corresponding spinal nerve muscle and its nerve make up a myotome" motor pathways from the brain to the muscles,"leaves the primary motor cortex through the left medulla then crosses over to the right and heads down the right spinal cord to the muscle" Bayesian Model of Sensory Perception,"the brain has a priori information about the structure of the environment and needs only a few hints to construct our perceptual reality we can't always rely on our perception, because it could be wrong, but it is useful for guessing" how does it relate to illusions, ghosts, perceptual false-positives and the "hypersensitive agency-detection device"?,"the rubber hand affect... seeing a rubberhand that looks as if its your own being stroked, and believing that you can feel it feeling the presence of a ghost but not being able to see it out of body experiences, etc hypersensitive agency detection device = acute sensitivity to presence of living things... believing something is there that isn't" hypersensitive agency-detection device,"hypersensitive agency detection device = acute sensitivity to presence of living things... believing something is there that isn't" relationship to false positives in perception,"it produces false positives ex: seeing a huge rock in the dark and assuming its a bear" do alien abductees typically suffer from mental illness? how would you explain this phenomenon?,"no, they lack the inability to think scientifically and are unusually prone to false memories, creative, fantasy prone and imaginative" what is the location of neurons which, when silenced, blur the line between without it we cant do so much as navigate through ain superior parietal lobe distinguishes where body ends and material world begins "self" and the rest of the world?,"bundle of neurons doorway" can the brain perceive an object that does not resemble absolutely anything? how would you feel if you saw such an object?,"yes, the brain can perceive a figure in the clouds. our brains are wired to recognize something out of anything" is it correct that the brain constructs reality strictly from the bottom up? what does it mean? ,"null" is body-mind dualism learned or is it something that spontaneously develops in young children?,"body-mind dualism is seen in children as young as two... brain is wired for faces, perceiving angles, contours and shape consistent with faces" what is emotion?...
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