It suggests that our biological sex may influence our

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Unformatted text preview: m primary visual cortex to the inferior temporal lobe that is believed to process object recognition goes down into temporal lobe, connects with amygdala" fusiform area,"identification of faces and members of categories" "grandmother-cell" hypothesis,"you have a separate cell for each face that you remember/recognize i.e. one that focuses strictly on your grandmothers face likely to be incorrect because if lost, you would randomly not be able to recognize solely that person" amblyopia,"lazy eye, occurs when one eye does not focus on objects" cataracts,"clouding of the lens" astigmatism,"a distortion of vision caused by the shape of the cornea" scotoma,"an area in the visual field that cant be seen, usually due to central damage by stroke or other brain injury" blindsight,"abnormal condition in which parts of the visual field are not consciously perceived but can be subconsciously perceived by extrastiate cortex" visual agnosia,"disorder in which a person can see a stimulus but cannot identify what is seen" what does the David Reimer case tell us?,"It suggests that our biological sex may influence our ultimate sense of being a man or a woman more strongly than we are raised" XX and XY,"XX = girl XY = boy" Turner's Syndrome (XO),"absent chromosome female external genitalia fertility may be affected by abnormal ovaries normal intelligence with some spatial and memory deficits short stature" Klinefleter's syndrome (XXY),"male external genitalia reduced fertility may require hormonal treatment at puberty to promote development of secondary male sex characteristics normal intelligence with some verbal cognitive difficulties" the "super-male" syndrome (XYY),"male external genitalia fertile but high likelihood of producing abnormal sperm intelligence is slightly below that of the XY males tall lean, with some subtle physical abnormalities" Do sex chromes unambiguously determine one's sex?,"No. We must also consider various hormones and steroids that, for example, must be released so that certain gender-based characteristics can appear in a male." what are se hormones chemically,"a class of steroid hormones which more generally also include insect metamorphosis hormones, cortisol (produced by the adrenal glands and vitamin D (synthesized by the skin exposed to light)" produced from testosterone in the testes, adrenal glands, hair follicles in ovaries it is not the final product and it's further converted to estrogens androgens,"testosterone -- produced in the testes, ovaries and adrenal glands dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - more potent than testosterone estrogens,"produced from testosterone in the ovaries, adrenal glands -estradiol produced in both sexes" -estrone -estriol produced in both sexes" three stages of prenatal development and puberty,"1. development of gonads 2. development of internal organs 3. development of external genitalia 4. development at puberty" the development of the gonads ,"up until six weeks after conception both male and female fetuses have undifferentiated primordial gonads females have genes that guide the development of the primordial gonads into the ovaries while males have a SRY gene" SRY gene (function and location),"at week 6, sex determining region of the it encodes the testis -gene) is expr...
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