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Unformatted text preview: the immune system" what brain areas get activated when one view pictures of people with whom one is "madly, deeply in love"?,"the insula, anterior cingulate gyrus, and basal ganglia get activated, while the right prefrontal cortex, and posterior cingulate gyrus decrease in activity" what is interesting about the cingulate cortex (gyrus),"T he anterior CC, which is stimulated when one sees someone he/she loves, is associated with feelings of physical pain and negative feelings stemming from social exclusion." sexual dysfunction,"an issue which prevents a person from performing sex properly usually psychological in origin ex: erectile dysfunction occurs when men are unable to sustain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity" role of parasympathetic system, acetylcholine, and nitric oxide?,"parasympathetic system releases acetylcholine and nitric oxide into the tissue of the penis, which fill with blood" what chemical signaling does sildenafil citrate () facilitate,"nitric oxide" classic model of sensory perception,"physical reality --> receptors --> thalamic relay nuclei --> primary sensory cortex --> secondary sensory cortex --> association cortex --> perceptual reality true for everything but smell" pathways of somatosensory system from the skin to the brain,"skin receptors --> thalamus --> primary somatosensory cortex --> secondary somatosensory cortex --> somatosensory assc. cortices" skin receptors and their specializations,"receptors vary in: encapsulation rate of adaptation receptive field size free nerve endings detect painful stimuli" dermatomes,"surface areas served by the dorsal roots of one spinal segment" primary somatosensory cortex,"located just caudal to the central sulcus cortex located in the postcentral gyrus of the parietal lobe that is responsible for the initial cortical processing of somatosensory input" somatosensory homunculus,"representation of the body surface in the primary somatosensory cortex clockwise: genitals > leg > neck > head > arm > face > pharynx > intra-abdominal" spinal touch and pain/temperature pathways,"temperature and pain enter through the left, go up the spinal cord on the right enter the medulla and then cross back over to the left and up to the thalamus touch enters through the right and goes all the way up the spinal cord to the thalamus" after a fall, a person can no longer feel touch in his left leg and pain in his right leg. both arms are fine. where is the damage located? specify it's side (left, right, both) and its approximate position in the rostral-caudal direction.,"" after a fall, a person can feel neither touch nor pain in his left arm and left leg. where is the damage located? specify its side (left, right, both) and its approximate position in the rostral-caudal direction,"null" primary motor cortex,"an area of the cortex...
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