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She t1 Page 1 stroke,"type of brain damage caused by inter uption of blo d sup ly to the brain" cerebral hemor hage,"condition caused by ble ding in the brain (results from high blo d pres ure or structural defects in arteries" aneurysms,"bal on like bulges in wal s of arteries" ischemia,"condition where inadequate blo d flow results in insuficient quantities of oxygen being delivered to tis ue" thrombosis,"blockage that doesn't move from point of origin in blo d ves el" embolism,"blockage in blo d ves el that originated somewhere and moved to its sur ent location" concus ion,"head injury results in blow to head without penetration of brain or blow to another part of the body that results in force transmit ed to brain" countercoup efect,"area of brain damage that oc urs op osite to where the original site of the blow was" If the frontal and temporal lobes where damaged, where would the blows have be n received?,"the back and the top of the head" metastases,"migration of cancerous cel s from one part of the body to another" partial seizure,"seizure that has clear origin or focus" generalized seizure,"seizure that afects brain symmetrical y without clear point of origin" simple partial seizure,"seizure with symptoms that relate to functions of focal area" complex partial seizure,"type of partial seizure originating in temporal lobes" how to diferentiate betwe n seizures,"an aura usual y means someone w simple partial seizures are usual y signaled by motor disturbances like twitching fingers that spread in a complex partial seizure, someone wil fe l their sur oundings are foreign a victim of a grand mal seizure wil cycle through tonic and clonic phases of muscular contraction and then fal into a coma in a petit mal seizure, the victim wil be oblivious of his sur oundings" Multiple Sclerosis,"autoimmune disorder that targets CNS resulting in demylenation and damage to axons" Relationship betwe n immune system and oligodendrocytes in MS,"immune system at acks oligodendrocytes mylenating axons of some CNS neurons - electrical signals are not transmit ed eficiently, leading to a variety of cognitive, sensory and motor deficits" What animal parasites can live in the brain?,"Pork tapeworm (neurocysticerosis)" encephalitis,"condition characterized by inflammation of the brain caused by viral infection" meningitis,"inflammation of the meninges, produces flu like symptoms (high temp., vomiting, etc), neck stifnes , aversion to bright lights, and drowsines " How does AIDS afect the brain?,"AIDS dementia complex (ADC) = col ection of neurological symptoms that result either directly from the actions of the HIV virus itself or from other op ortunistic infections overlo ked by impaired immune system" Transmis ible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs),"disease that can be transfer ed from one animal to another and that produces fatal, degenerative condition characterized by dementia and motor disturbance"
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