They are hallucinogens that mimic serotonin can the

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Unformatted text preview: release of serotonin but also destroys axons of neurons that produce serotonin" SSRIs (class of antidepressants),"inhibits reuptake of serotonin" mescaline,"active hallucinogenic ingredient found in the peyote cactus" bufotenin,"toad skin" LSD,"hallucinogenic drug that resembles serotonin synthesized by Dr. Albert Hoffman from ergot fungus on plants" ergot alkaloids,"Are used as oxytocics and in treatment of migraines. Can also be a hallucinogen. It is basically a fungal parasite growing on rye" what is common among these drugs?,"they are hallucinogens that mimic serotonin" Can the effects of caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol be explained by synaptic actions,"yes, but the details require a deeper more detailed understanding" what factors determine the drug effects on an individual?,"genetics body mass a victim of a grand mal seizure will cycle through tonic and clonic phases of muscular contraction and then fall into a coma in a petit mal seizure, the victim will be oblivious of his surroundings" tolerance environment interactions with other drugs" tolerance,"develops because of compensatory. biological changes in synapses can be setting/environment-dependent" withdrawal,"drug discontinued, causing behavioral effects that are usually opposite of drug effects" addiction,"compulsive need to use drugs repeatedly despite consequences biologically associated with dopamine and nucleus accumben which is in the basal ganglia (telencephalon)" light,"the energy that we see projected in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the sun" approximate range of visual spectrum,"400-800 nm" color,"wavelength" brightness,"amplitude" sclera,"protective layer on outside of eye (in back, not translucent)" cornea,"front part of sclera on front of eye thats translucent" anterior chamber,"between cornea and lens, filled with aqueous humor (liquid that nourishes the cornea and lens)" pupil,"the opening in the front of the eye controlled by the iris" iris,"the circular muscle in the front of the eye that controls the opening of the pupil" lens,"focusing device, has to be clean and clear" vitreous chamber,"large inner cavity of the eyeball filled with vitreous humor (jellylike substance)" outgrowth of brain retina,"light sensitive element, cannot be replaced or repaired, back of the the elaborate network of photoreceptors and interneurons at the back of the eye that is responsible for sensing light" eye, the most complex part photoreceptors ,"specialized sensory cells in the retina that respond to light" bipolar cells,"cell in the inner nuclear layer of the retina that forms part of the straight pathway between the photoreceptors and ganglion cells" ganglion cells,"send information to the brain" horizontal cells,"re...
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