Yes damage to the cortex results in emotional

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Unformatted text preview: ,"subjective experiences that arise spontaneously and unconsciously in response to environment around us" what are the two components of emotions?,"physical reaction (rapid heartbeat, etc) conscious experience or feeling" what are the two main functions of emotions?,"arousal - to perform well your level of arousal should be somewhere in the middle communication" what brain structures control voluntary and involuntary emotional expressions?,"voluntary expressions (smiling for a camera) involve primary motor cortex spontaneous expressions (smiling at a joke) involve basal ganglia people with cortical damage can smile spontaneously but not on command people with damage to basal ganglia can smile on command but not spontaneously" can lie detectors detect lies? if not what do they detect?,"unreliable they detect respiration, galvanic skin response, blood pressure changes in any of these correlate with lying" James-Lange theory,"specific pattern of autonomic arousal leads to an emotional experience person's physical state provides cues for the identification of an emotional state" cannon-bard theory,"autonomic arousal and an emotional experience occur simultaneously" schachter-singer theory,"general arousal combined with cognitive appraisal leads to an emotional experience" which theory does the Capilano bridge experiment support?,"schachter-singer theory men confused fear of the bridge with sexual arousal" which theory do Dr. Hohmann's findings support?,"Hohmann reported more emotionality in men with lumbar damage then in men with cervical damage supports the James-Lange theory regarding the importance of autonomic feedback" which brain structure controls the motion of fear?,"amygdala" does the cerebral cortex participate in the production of emotions?,"yes, damage to the cortex results in emotional disturbance and personality changes" how can emotions be affected by damage to the left and right cerebral hemispheres?,"left: damage may result in depression right: damage may result in apparent happiness" which of the two cerebral hemispheres is better at reading the emotions of others?,"right hemispheres usually ""reads"" emotion the emotional right hemisphere produces more expression on the left side of the face" which side of the visual field does this hemisphere see?,"right hemisphere sees left side of visual field giving the left side of the face more weight when it comes to emotion" which of the cerebral hemispheres is better at production emotional expressions,"the right" which side of the face does the hemisphere control?,"left" activity in which brain structure positively correlates with aggression?,"when the amygdala is removed, rage is reduced" which two brain structures inhibit(limit) aggressive behavior?,"anterior cingulate cortex and orbitofrontal cortex" predict what damage to the orbitofrontal cortex may lead to,"a person may become antiso...
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