blastp on UNIPROTKB [completed] 2

0 1968 00 ldhal6b ldhal6 ldhl 381 990 1959 00 ldhal6b

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Unformatted text preview: 99.0% 1,959 0.0 LDHAL6B 381 99.0% 1,955 0.0 ENSG00000171989 381 99.0% 1,944 0.0 381 97.0% 1,918 0.0 LDHAL6B 381 97.0% 1,908 0.0 LOC100581597 1/3 6/9/13 bla stp on UNI PROTKB [ c omple te d] Q4R816 LDH6B_MACFA F6RKB9 F6RKB9_MACMU F7HA15 F7HA15_CALJ A L9K010 L9K010_TUPCH L8HUD6 L8HUD6_BOSMU Q3T056 LDH6B_BOVIN M3WRE9 M3WRE9_FELCA G3SSV5 G3SSV5_LOXAF I3LHN1 I3LHN1_PIG H0X069 H0X069_OTOGA G1TZK5 G1TZK5_RABIT L5KGQ2 L5KGQ2_PTEAL Q7TNA8 Q7TNA8_RAT G3HFW4 G3HFW4_CRIGR F7AWX6 F7AWX6_CALJ A H2NDY0 H2NDY0_PONAB F7GNJ 6 F7GNJ 6_MACMU leuc ogeny s ) Mac ac a fas c ic ularis L-lactate (Crab-eating dehydrogenase Amac aque) like 6B (Cy nomolgus monk ey ) Mac ac a Uncharacteriz ed mulatta protein (Rhes us mac aque) Callithrix jac c hus Uncharacteriz ed (White-tuftedprotein ear marmos et) Tupaia L-lactate c hinens is dehydrogenase (Chines e tree s hrew) L-lactate dehydrogenase L-lactate Bos taurus dehydrogenase A(Bov ine) like 6B Felis c atus L-lactate (Cat) (Felis dehydrogenase s ilv es tris c atus ) Lox odonta Uncharacteriz ed afric ana protein (Afric an elephant) L-lactate Sus s c rofa dehydrogenase (Pig) Otolemur garnettii (Small-eared Uncharacteriz ed galago) protein (Garnett's greater bus hbaby ) Ory c tolagus Uncharacteriz ed c unic ulus protein (Rabbit) Pteropus L-lactate alec to (Blac k dehydrogenase fly ing fox ) Rattus L-lactate norv egic us dehydrogenase (Rat) Cric etulus gris eus L-lactate (Chines e dehydrogenase A- hams ter) like 6B (Cric etulus barabens is gris eu...
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