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For the conflict i wanted an answer that had to do

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Unformatted text preview: Must be explained. More than one graph is not graded – we just grade the first graph, or if we can’t tell which is first, neither graph. E. Describe two studies that investigated density dependence but come to different conclusions. Discuss why these studies have conflicting conclusions. 3 pts. each study and for the conflict. Ideally, I expected one study that was density dependent and one that was density independent. But that wasn’t really necessary. The answer just needs to present two studies and somehow justify that they came to different conclusions. For the “conflict”, I wanted an answer that had to do with abiotic factors for density independent and biotic for dependent. But, any well reasoned answer is acceptable. F. Give an example from your knowledge of real species, but NOT FROM LECTURE, of a metapopulation....
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