Replacement fertility the number of offspring

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Unformatted text preview: n growth must somehow be limited. Replacement fertility The number of offspring produced per female that will allow a rate population size to remain stable. The potential reproductive capacity of an individual or fecundity population. Environmental variation in population size or growth rates cause by external stochasticity (1 pt. for factors such as climate. stochasticity) Closed population a group of (interbreeding) individuals found in the same space (1 pt. for population) or area at the same time with no immigration or emigration. B. 1. What was the major conclusion from Crouse, Crowder, and Caswell? 2. They assumed that the turtles were density independent. How do I know they made this assumption? 3. Do you think these turtles are really density dependent, density independent or density vague? Explain. 3 pts. each 1. Population growth rate of sea turtles is most sensitive to changes in juvenile and young adult survival (either is OK). 2.  ­ ­ Assumed r was...
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