Explain f short essays 6 pts each for 18 pts

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Unformatted text preview: low, labeling your axes and isoclines. Then, Trial 4 should allow you to distinguish which of your isoclines is correct. Please circle the correct isocline graph. D. (16 pts) Briefly describe a different case study for each of the following concepts. Make sure that your description explains why the concept fits the study. a. coexistence between competitors b. an attempt at biological control of a pest species. c. biogeographic regions as an explanation for species or community patterns e. island biogeography theory Page 3 Final Exam, PCB 3043 - - Fall 2012 Name__________________________________ E. Kneitel and Miller studied the food web found in the water- filled leaves of the purple pitcher plant. Answer the following questions based on their experiment and the graph on the right. 1. (4 pts.) Which of Paine’s three types of food webs was shown and discussed in the paper? Explain how you know. 2. (4 pts.) Which definition of the niche (role or needs of a species) was being evaluated in these experiments? Expla...
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