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He obtains the graph shown on the right what does

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Unformatted text preview: onservation biologist on the island is worried about how to save this species. He uses actual growth rate the above data to make a transition matrix and do a sensitivity analysis by decreasing each value in the transition matrix by 50%. He obtains the graph shown on the right. What does this graph tell him to do and why? 2 3 4 Page 1 Final Exam, PCB 3043 - - Fall 2012 Name__________________________________ B. (30 pts) Please give the best word as used in this class for each of the following definitions. The scientific study of the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms An area of low precipitation on the side of a mountain away from predominant winds An assemblage of populations that interact with one another in a prescribed area or habitat a series of stages of community change in a particular area leading toward a stable state (we want the pattern, not the process) When increasing the abundance of a top predator causes the next trophic level to decline, the level below that to increase, etc. Species in a food web that do not consume other species, but are either photosynthetic or detritivores Per- capita growth rate declines at low population densities How the ca...
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