Please draw these using the squares provided below

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Unformatted text preview: unaffected Population growth when there is a constant per- capita growth rate Variation in birth and death rates caused by changes in climatic factors such as temperature and rain Species that consume only part of a living prey, but usually specialize on one to a few prey during their lifetime. Page 2 Final Exam, PCB 3043 - - Fall 2012 Name__________________________________ C. (20 pts) We grew two protozoa species together, using different starting abundances, then recorded the final stable abundances. REMEMBER THAT PROTOZOA COULD BE COMPETITORS OR COULD BE PREDATOR- PREY. Starting abundance Final (stable) abundance trial Species A Species B Species A Species B 1 10 2 35 10 2 50 50 35 10 3 5 0 60 0 4 0 2 0 0 If you just had the first three trials, then two different arrangements of isoclines are possible. Please draw these using the squares provided be...
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