CHEM 3311_5330 Sylabus-2013

Homework required online homework assignments and

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Unformatted text preview: understand the mathematical principles used to analyze enzyme kinetics. Homework: Required online homework assignments and grades will be available at . To register, enter a username and password and then click to “Create my new account". Subsequently, check for an email with the subject "Sapling Learning: account confirmation" and click on the email-provided link. Click on the course link “Texas Tech (CHEM 3311) Knaff” and then "Send payment via Paypal or Credit Card". There will be a charge of $31.97 (this includes the tax) for each student. Sapling has set up a single gradebook for the homework, so CHEM 5330 students should register with Sapling using this CHEM 3311 identifier. Homework assignments will usually become available on a Monday and will be due at 11:00 a.m. on the following Monday. Technical advice about any software problems can be obtained by email to [email protected] Raiderlink: Copies of exams from previous years and announcements will be posted on eLearning. Grades on each exam will also be posted on the eLearning site (to protect student privacy, each student will only have access to his/her grade). Students can log in to the course’s eLearning site using the Raiderlink Portal ( If you have not used eLearning before, instructions for adding it to your Raiderlink Portal can be f...
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