CHEM 3311_5330 Sylabus-2013

There will be separate elearning sites for chem 3311

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Unformatted text preview: ound by clicking on “Help” (located at the top, right-hand corner of the Raiderlink homepage) after signing in. There will be separate eLearning sites for CHEM 3311 and CHEM 5330. Grades: Each in-class exam counts 20%, the homework counts 15% (the lowest homework grade will be dropped), and the comprehensive final exam counts 25% of the final grade. No exam grades will be dropped and all in-class exams will be weighted equally (i.e., there is no “bonus” for any improvement in grades from one exam to the next). There will not be any extra credit opportunities for improving one’s grade. While in-class participation is welcome and encouraged, it will not play any part in the grading procedure. The final letter grades will not be curved and will be based on the student’s final numerical average, calculated as described above. The numerical cut-off points for different letter grades may be lowered slightly, at the instructor’s discretion, based on grade distributions, but they will not be raised. With the possible exception of A+ and C-, plus/minus grading will not be used. A B C D ≥90 80 – 89 70 – 79 55 - 69 Assessment: The expected learning outcomes for the course will be assessed through inclass exams, graded homework assignments, polling the class and related non-graded...
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