Methods for deriving point estimators 1 maximum

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Unformatted text preview: r deriving point estimators 1. Maximum Likelihood Estimator (MLE) 2. Method of Moment Estimator (MOME) Example 1 (continued). ,i=1,2,…,n 1 1. Derive the MLE for 2. Derive the MOME for . . Solution. 1. MLE [i] pdf: f( )= [ii] likelihood function [iii] log likelihood function [iv] Find the MLE’s R. A. Fisher ( established the comprehensive theory for the maximum likelihood method. 2 2. MOME Order st 1 Population Moment Sample Moment E(X) 2nd … … … … … kth … Back to this example, we have two parameters, and we set up the equations for the first two moments: Proof. (Now we s...
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