def 2 let then 3 are independent 4 the z score

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Unformatted text preview: et , then 3. are independent. 4. The Z-score transformation of the sample mean follows the standard normal distribution: 1 5. A T-random variable with n-1 degrees of freedom can be obtained by replacing the population standard deviation with its sample counterpar t in the Z-score above: *Def. of t-distribution (Student’s t-distribution, first introduced by William Sealy Gosset ) Let Then, , , where are independent. Wiki: William Sealy Gosset (June 13, 1876–October 16, 1937) is best known by his pen name Student and for the Student's t-distribution. 2 *Proof of #5 We know that and Furthermore, since are independent, thus Therefore by the definition of t-distribution, are independent. *We will now prove #2 & #3 for the special case of n=2 (a sample of size 2). In that case, w...
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