In that case we have independent proof of 3 if we can

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Unformatted text preview: e have: Independent *Proof of #3 If we can show and and are independent. Approach 1: p.d.f. Approach2: are independent then we have proven that m.g.f. Solution: The MGF approach (***make sure you know the MGF approach). Recall: (1) The joint m.g.f. of X and Y is defined as: Recall: (2) Recall: (3) X and Y are independent if and only if Now back to our proof: 3 The above derivation also shows that and *Proof of #2 We have already proven in #3 above that One can easily prove (using mgf for example), that its Z-score, (using the 2nd Definition of Chi Square Distribution or recall our proof from Lecture 6, review of the transformations.) Additional Questions and Solutions Q1. Prove Solution for any distribution/population. 4 Q2. (1). Please point out a chi-square random variable with k degrees of freedom corresponds to which particular gamma distribution. (2). Please write down the pdf, mgf,...
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