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Unformatted text preview: tion • Downward acceleration – g = 9.8 m/s2 The horizontal component of velocity is constant, whereas the vertical component of velocity is accelerated downward by gravity, g. PHYS 1L03, Fall 2013, McMaster University, R. Nejat 15 One-Dimensional Motion Two-Dimensional Motion y Example: • Projectile Motion: vi vi Vi, y v i, x v i cos i v i, y v i sin i i x Horizontal Vertical vx vy x v i,x t PHYS 1L03, Fall 2013, McMaster University, R. Nejat y i Two-Dimensional Motion Example: Projectile y Vi, x a v i, x • A projectile is fired with an initial velocity of 80 m/s at an angle of 30o above the horizontal. Find its (a) position and (b) velocity after 6 s. 9 .8 m / s 2 v i, y v i, y t v i sin i vi i v i, x x v i, y gt y gt v i, y t 1 2 x v i, x t vy 2 initial v 2y v i2, y i initial at2 2g y PHYS 1L03, Winter 2013, McMaster University, R. Nejat Two-Dimensional Motion y vi i x Example: • A stone is thrown upwards from the top of a 45.0 m high building with a 30o angle above the horizontal. If the initial velocity of the stone is 20.0 m/s, how long is the stone in the air, an...
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