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but now we have enough power right so unless one

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Unformatted text preview: core era: –  Number of cores per chip doubles every X years •  X= 2? 3? 8/27/13 cs420: intro 26 Change is changing •  To summarize: –  We had been used to computers becoming faster every year.. That “change” was a constant –  The change is: that the speeds are no longer changing.. •  So, Lets think about what happens over the next 10 years •  And later: –  What happens after ten years, when even the number of transistors don’t increase any more 8/27/13 cs420: intro 27 Why didn’t we witness disrup3on? •  Why haven’t we seen the effect of this disruption already? –  After all the clocks stop speeding after 2003 •  Better integration : –  Intel’s Nehalem architecture •  4- way multicores could show useful performance gains for the users –  Running multiple programs simultaneously –  Browse, Index mail, virus scans, … •  The real questions will appear in near future 8/27/13 cs420: intro 28 Specialized processors •  It was discovered that somewhat specialized processors can be made to compute (some things) faster, within the same technology –  Vector instructions (SSE): •  “Do these 4 additions” as a single instruction –  IBM’s Cell processor (Toshiba, Sony) –  NVIDIA GPGPU –  Intel “maybe” LRB, MIC •  It was assumed that people will not be willing to program specialized processors –  NVIDIA proved them wrong –  And time was right 8/27/13 cs420: intro 29 Threat to business models •  The previous were just ways in which processors can keep getting faster •  But will people buy them? •  Intel/AMD/.. Business model is fueled by people buying new machines every few years •  Why do people buy new machines? –  New apps need faster processors 8/27/13 cs420: intro 30 Two problems •  Maybe we have all the speed we need.. –  I.e. for all the apps that we need –  Nyah.. •  Maybe 8- 16 cores is all that you need –  We are still seeing improvements because •  We use multiple programs on the desktop •  Browsers can do multiple things: get data, draw pictures, .. –  But now, we have enough power.. Right? •  So, unless one (or more) parallel “killer app” appears, the market will stop growing 8/27/13 cs420: intro 31 What if we stop here? •  Technical advantage (of...
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