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Unformatted text preview: distance    link bandwidth: impacts how fast communicaBon is done    bisecBon bandwidth          12 Divide the set of processors in two equal parBBons How much link bandwidth is available for data flow from one parBBon to the other? – Minimize it Important for global communicaBon, congesBon Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 "##$%&'(()*+),%-)+.'/01 34)/$%(',)%56%*'(()*+),%+'%7##%'+8)/%(',)6%"65(9%-: ;%,5/)*+%#5( Fully Connected Network -<-:;=>?%%%@5(06%%:A%%B<-?=%*'CD#)E5+$    degree: P ­ -',)%F)9/))1%1 %:;% F57C)+)/%H%%;    diameter: 1 I4)/79)%F56+7(*)%H%%; J56)*+5'(%K5,+8%H%<->?=?    average distance    total links/link bandwidth:    bisecBon bandwidth:    What if everyone wants to send data to every one else? Does this look like an overkill?    13 1 P(P ­1) B.P(P ­1)/2 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 : Chains omplexity1 ­2    degree:    diameter: P ­1 (N+1)/3 ~istance (N+1)/3 d N/3    average N/3 P/3    total links/link bandwidth:    bisecBon bandwidth:    Single point of failure! Asymmetric – not a good idea P ­1 B ks -> O(N) complexity    14 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 #$%.914.:36;$ 2D Meshes (say P = k * k)    #$%& degree: ' ' ' ' ' 2 ­4 ()*)+,-./01)$    diameter: 2(k ­ 234#.4#56##&.(+7 1) 809<#=#6&.(*)+,   average distance >?#695#.40$=91@#A B0$#@=031.C04=%&.)    2k/3 total links/link bandwidth:    36;$&bisecBon bandwidth: ' ' ' ' 2k(k ­1) kB ()( /01)$    Asymmetric – not good! 234#.4#56##&.7    BisecBon bandwidth is decent: can be n ­dimensional 809<#=#6&.).+ , >?#695#.40$=91@#A 15 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 Also called binary n-cubes Dimension = n = log2N Number of nodes = N = 2n of nodes Diameter: O(log2N) hops Good bisection width: N/2 Number of bidirectional links: N·(lo...
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