To maintain simplicity ll and 8 interconnect

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Unformatted text preview: own). topologies. Using traces collected by our emulation-based techbetween any two nodes in one hop. To maintain simplicity, LL and 8 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2 nodes, nique, we simulate application runs on hundreds of thousands of LR links originating from only two013 numbered 0 and 16 are cores. Non-uniform link bandwidths on different classes of links shown in Figure 1 (left). Basic Topology requirements    For things to work    Must connect each processor to all others. i.e. it should be possible to send “messages” between any pair of processors    Must allow for physically viable arrangements (try arranging a star for thousands of processors)    The physically viable arrangement should be economically affordable 9 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 Basic Topology requirements    For things to work well:    Intermediate rouBng, if needed, should happen without interfering with computaBon on intermediate nodes.    Reasonable path length between every pairs of processors    Easy to calculate path from one processor to other    More discussed later… 10 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 Topology Basic definiBons    Let the topology be represented by a Graph G(V,E) where V is the set of verBces  ­ processors/routers and E is the edges  ­ connecBons among them degree: maximum number of edges incident on a vertex    distance between two verBces: number of edges (hops ) in shortest path between them    diameter: maximum distance between any pair of verBces    edge length : maximum physical length of any wire; may be constant or variable as number of processors varies    bandwidth    11 Interconnect Topologies Fall 2013 How to Judge a Topology    degree: affects capability to communicate simultaneously       diameter: determines the maximum delay average...
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