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Unformatted text preview: . Hoefer, Z. Nikoloski, and D. Wagner, On modularity clustering, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 20 (2008), 172188. • So rather than finding THE optimal partitioning, we turn to approximation algorithms to find approximately optimal partitions. The Louvain method • V.D. Blondel, J.-L. Guillaume, R. Lambiotte and E. Lefebvre (2008). ”Fast unfolding of community hierarchies in large networks”. J. Stat. Mech.: P10008 • • The method consists of two phases. First, it looks for ”small” communities by optimizing modularity in a local way. Second, it aggregates nodes of the same community and builds a new network whose nodes are the communities. These steps are repeated iteratively until a maximum of modularity is attained. • This method is implemented NetworkX and others. Dendrograms Can be built by aggregating (Louvain method) or recursing from the full graph. ´ ´ ´ enyi2, Illes Farkas1 & Tamas Vicsek1,2 Overlapping communities! re and society can be described in with the overlaps being their links. The number of such links of the intricate web of connections community a can be called its community degree, dcom : Finally, the a A Palla, is Dernyi, I. Farkas, and can most naturally be defined as the size scom of any community a T. Vicsek, Uncovering the e of1–4.G.key question I. how to a tion of such networks as the conumber of its nodes. To characterize the community structure of a ubunitscommunity structure of complex networks in nature and society, (communities) associated large network we introduce the distributions of these four basic ed parts. Identifying these a priori quantities. In particular we focus on their cumulative distribution 5,6 (2005), 814818. , as functionally related proteins p s o f p eo ple 8 , 9 ) i s c r u c ia l to t he ral and functional proper ties of inistic methods used for large netities, whereas most of the actual overlapping cohesive groups of approach to analysing the main woven sets of overlapping commus uncovering the modular structure fining a set of new characteristic communities, we apply an efficient ping communities on a large scale. nificant, and the distributions we tures of n...
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