Vertices are initially assigned to one of c random

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Unformatted text preview: r o we show later is t arises as to whether communities. Rega obscuring underlyin FIG. 1. which participate sample network (a) before preference can • High degree nodes Community structures of awith out communityand (b) after violator removal, showing the effect of two violators out of obscure the behavior of ordered communities four communities at 40 nodes. Vertices are initially assigned to one of • • C. random (identified via node shape and shading). The two vertices with In metabolic networks: Water, ATP, hydrogen (“currency” versus “commodity” metabolites), Both software the largest degree are violators (hexagons) and do not preferentially M. Huss and P. Holme, any single Biol. 1, 280The remaining edges fall within software dependen connect to IET Sys. community. (2007). attention [27–29]. communities with 85% probability and between them with 15%. In email networks the boss the communities detected usingbroadly (for discussion in Open communication ne Boxes illustrate (and others) communicate the algorithm in Source Software, [4]. C. Bird, et al. ICSE (ACM Press, 2008) HTTP server, Pytho Ref. see, • In software call graphs, low-levelviolators. The methodsmalloc, etc). herein and identity of the functions (e.g. printf, we develop allow detection of vertices acting as violators without needing constructed by com respective OSS proj years [30–32]. In th So networks can break into communities but what does it all mean? • Different algorithms can give different results: Trust the communities that result consistently across algorithms • In social systems, communities seem to be topically related. • In biological systems, some evidence that communities relate to function, some evidence they do not relate. • In mechanical systems proper function seems to span communities. (See Dan Whitney slides) • Communities help us do good visualization layout (Porter et al AMS Notices 2009; and visualization lecture upcoming by Muelder)....
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